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Get the important things done in your business without taking any more of your time.

The Business Fast Lane helps you take control of your business with easy to action, guided help for your business… that takes just 10 minutes a day.



Everything we do and teach is practical and easy to understand. We show you the simplest way to achieve business success and give you the tools to keep you on track.



Everything we do gets measurable results. All of our business coaches are accountable to the numbers, aiming to double our client's income and double their time off.



Our clients become part of Perth’s #1 business success community. They get all the support and camaraderie they need to enjoy the journey of growing their business.

Perth's #1 Business Success Community.

One of the keys to your long term success in business is creating an environment that will promote success. At Business Wealth Educators, we have built a community of switched-on Perth business owners who get together regularly to learn, plan and grow their businesses. Our mentoring and business coaching will not only allow you to set goals for your business, but our community will help you plan for your business’ future, giving you direction and helping you achieve these goals faster than anticipated. When you take dozens of proactive business owners and you place them in a room together and give them access to the best tools and information to help grow their business, it is unlike anything you've ever experienced.

When you choose Business Wealth Educators as your small business coach, you get a chance to regularly step out of your business and spend time planning your success. You get to go back to your business with clear direction and new tools to achieve your goals faster. Our clients walk away from each workshop with renewed energy, vision and focus on what they need to move their businesses forward. Let our small business mentoring services help the growth of your Perth business and its future today.


The Clients We Help Come From A Variety of Industries

Here's A Snapshot of the Results Our Clients Achieve

Lawyer Transitions to Business Owner and Takes Regular Holidays

"Rueben is an outstanding coach. He keeps us focused on the bigger picture. His mentoring has allowed us to transition to business owners.  Our Sales are up 53% and profits are up 98% on this time last year.  For the first time in 10 years I have been able to take my full allocation of annual leave and longer than 1 week break at a time."

Tom Meagher, Murfett Legal

From 75 to 45 Hours a Week and Regular Family Holidays

Rueben has helped reducing my working week from 70-75 hours to 45, not working weekends, and being more profitable.  For the first time as a business owner I have a work/life balance. 

Jason D’Costa, Photosnap

Rueben had me Focus on a Niche and Sales up 50%

Working with Rueben I noticed some immediate results. He was instrumental in helping me focus on a particular niche market, and then methodically working that market. As a result, we are now well established within this niche and get more and more unsolicited enquiries from prospective clients within this market. Our revenue is up by 50%, and we will achieve at least the same this financial year.

Yves Schoof, Maxim Private Office

Profits up 300% and More Time Off

Apart from increasing our sales and profitability by 300%, Rueben has changed the way in which we live our lives. We are by far more focused on the important things in life, in and out of business, and we are getting closer to finding that work / life balance that was almost non-existent up until 12 months ago.

Sam Rogers, Outdoor Factory

“I am Working Smarter and Get Time Off to Pursue Other Interests”

The results speak for themselves, increased turnover, increased profits and I’m more focused and have clearer direction.  I’m enjoying life much more.  Sales have grown by 30% and profits are up 60% this year following a similar result last year. I have a set path for growth and I’m spending less time fluffing about reacting to situations.  It’s also meant I have learnt more about myself, my strengths, my weaknesses…… my skill set as a business owner is now better.

Neil Haring, Irvin Bullbars

“Sales up 170% and Profits up 558%”

Through Rueben’s accountability I have deadlines to meet which has enabled development of new strategic alliances, clear job descriptions and a new website. My time management skills have greatly improved not only for myself but for my team. Sales are up 170% and profits up 558% on this quarter last year.  I love that we now are focused on results that we are constantly measuring.   I love being part of the business community he has built which allows me to network and gives a sense of belonging to a group of like minded business people instead of going it alone.

Jenny Revell, Director, Revell Landscaping

Rueben Helped us Clarify our Vision That I Know we Will Achieve

Sales are up by more than 13.5% and more importantly net profit has improved by 102%.  Rueben has helped us clarify our quality of life vision. We have defined what is important to us and identified ways and means to progress towards these goals.  Rather than just hoping to get there one day, we have confidence that we will achieve our vision.

Geoff Numan, Powercare

Now I work ON the Business

Rueben has helped me in my setting and attainment of goals to achieve our business growth.  Sales are up 78% and profits have gone from -$48,000 after drawings to $300,000.  I now have focus and a clear vision of where I want Econstruct to be in 5 Years.  Our internal systems are being developed to a point where I will soon not have to work IN the business. Rueben is excellent at asking the right questions and helping me see things from a different perspective.

Geoff Britton, Econstruct

Get the important things done in your business without taking any more of your time.

The Business Fast Lane helps you take control of your business with easy to action, guided help for your business… that takes just 10 minutes a day.