Vision and Values

Our Vision & Values

This is the vision and values that we have built our business around.


Our Vision

Our vision is a community of thriving small businesses in Perth.


Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission & purpose is to help small businesses owners create abundance in their families and communities



Our Values

  1. Integrity – I always deliver my promises.
  2. Congruency – I practice what I teach.
  3. Teamwork – I play to my strengths and bring out the best in others.
  4. Education – I am a lifelong learner and know that the best way to learn is to teach.
  5. Excellence – I give my very best to what I do and surround myself with people who do the same.
  6. Passion– I only get involved in opportunities that inspire me and my enthusiasm inspires others.
  7. Contribution – I contribute my time, talent and money to make a difference lasting beyond my lifetime.

Our Promise

Business Wealth Educators is a professional, world class business education company. Our clients can always count on us to bring them the very best and latest in business education.

There are three things that we promise to deliver to those who work with Business Wealth Educators:

  • Simplicity – Everything we do and teach is practical and easy to understand.
  • Results – What we do gets results and we aim to double our client's income and double their time off.
  • Community – Our clients become part of Perth’s #1 business success community.

Our team are all passionate people who are committed to making a difference. We are in the business of inspiration and education. We lead, teach and inspire business owners to build a business that creates their lifestyle of choice. We champion time and financial freedom, always helping people take steps towards achieving these.

We build communities of business owners who can connect, learn, and inspire each other. Our products and services are practical, simple to implement and produce measurable results and we always use best and latest education tools, techniques and technologies to provide exceptional value for money.

Our clients have a desire to learn, a vision for their business and are committed to making a difference lasting beyond their lifetime. They have a desire to build wealth within and outside their business in a sustainable and responsible way. We believe business owners can make a direct and lasting impact on the social problems of the world.

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