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How to map out your email marketing efforts to nurture leads

You might believe email marketing is no longer effective – or becoming too difficult – to generate new customers. You would be wrong. Yes, we are receiving more emails than ever, and your current email marketing efforts may end up being less effective. However, if done correctly, it is a powerful tool to nurture leads…
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The Most Common Reason Why Marketing Fails

The Most Common Reason Why Marketing Fails.

When it comes to your marketing, do you start with the strategy?

It is easy to get focused on the how. You think "I need some leads" so you decide to build a website or start networking, or decide to try a flyer drop. They focus on the ‘strategy.’ Alternatively, you receive a phone call from someone talking about a strategy and you decide to advertise using that strategy. In either instance you are starting with the strategy. Sometimes starting with the strategy can achieve results, but often the strategy won’t always produce the result you want.

So where you should be starting instead?

The first place to start is asking “Who is my target market?” Get clear on who you are targeting. I recently ran a whole session on defining your target market at one of my workshops and for many businesses they discovered that they had more than one target market. Sometimes there are multiple markets and often you’ll need different strategies to communicate with different markets.

You need to be very, very clear on who it is that you are actually targeting. You need to know not just who they are, but need to understand what their dreams are, what they aspire to, what they are afraid of. You need to really get inside their world and understand them before you start doing any marketing or advertising.
The second step and second question to ask is “what offer would excite them?” Think about it and figure out what would get them out of their seats and drive them into action? The key thing with an offer is figuring out what would be of value to them. By knowing the target marketing, understanding what their aspirations are, and what frustrates them you should be able to come up with an offer that is of real value to them and by providing an opportunity to achieve that aspiration, or by ridding them of that frustration or pain.

Offers must add value. An offer might be something free like some free content or a blog post. Other times it might be a direct offer that you want them to take. You might invite them to come to an event, or take up a special offer when they purchase.

Finally, once you have figured out the target market and the offer, then you can work on the how. Which strategy can you use to reach the market? What is interesting is that even if you have a poorly executed strategy, but have the right target market and a good offer, chances are you will still get some business. But the other way around, you might have the best looking website or the best looking marketing strategy but if you put in front the wrong market with an offer that they aren’t excited by, then you’re not going to get a response.

Remember, first question - Who is your target market? Second question - What offer would excite them and thirdly - Work on the strategy of how to get that offer into the hands, into the eyes, into the hearts of your target market.

If you need help with this process you might want to consider getting in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively you can come along to one of my business workshops and seminars.

How To Top Up The Increasingly Important Emotional Bank Account

If you examine your current customer service and customer experience… Is it amazing and blowing people away or is it pretty average? Do your customers experience the same consistency between different team members or is there a vast difference? To understand our customer experience we need to look at something called the "emotional bank account".…
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Creating more leverage in your business

It is easy to get caught up in day to day business activities. The problem with this is you are not making the most of your limited time and energy. Instead you want to find ways to leverage yourself in your business. How can you get more done with less? Highlights of the video: 00:02 - Key…
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Why should customers come to you over your competition?

In the business world you will always have competitors. If you want to stand out from the crowd and attract more customers then you need to know why your business is different and special. In this video, you’ll discover how to make your prospects choose your business over your competition. Highlights of the video: 00:02 -…
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To play a bigger game… Ask a bigger question

The questions that you ask around your business have a massive impact on the results you get. Today’s video tip explores how your actions and results are directly related to the size of the questions that you ask. How can you change the questions you are asking to grow and achieve more in your business?…
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Why You Should Be Marketing To Your Existing Customers

A large majority of businesses that I talk to focus all their marketing time and resources on trying to get new customers. Often they overlook the opportunity that exists within their existing customers. Today’s video tip explores why you should redistributes some of that time and money from new lead generation into existing customer value…
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What are you really selling?

When asked the question “What do you sell?” many businesses give a very surface-level response. It is all about the product and not about the benefits that the customer gains. This week’s video tip is all about figuring out what the deeper emotional benefits are that customers gain from buying your product or service. When…
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What Are The Critical Few Numbers in Your Business That Drive Success

Business success is all about managing numbers. But there are so many numbers to manage and watch in business that it can be difficult or overwhelming to figure out which numbers really matter. In this week’s video tip I share with you how to figure out the critical few numbers specific to your business that…
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Where to Find Your Ideal Customers

Investing in marketing and advertising can be a great way to generate new leads. But are the people receiving and digesting your marketing message actually the right people? I have a saying “If you are going to fish, you want to fish where the fish are.” Many businesses are casting their lead generation net into…
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How to set a marketing budget

Ever wondered how much you need to spend on marketing your business or not sure where to start?  Get your marketing budget wrong and you’ll end up wasting money and not attracting the number of leads you need. In this video I share the keys things you need to be super clear on to help…
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The First Step in any Marketing Campaign

Would you like to get better responses to your marketing? Many business owners I meet focus on the design of their ads – how they look, what they say etc. and so the ad ends up being all about them. You need some of this but there is one critical thing that most business owners…
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How To Consistently Get More Consistent Leads In Your Business [Video]

How many marketing strategies do you have running at the moment? Are they consistently bringing you leads week in, week out? A consistent supply of the right type of leads will lead to more consistent sales and cashflow for your business. In this video, you’ll learn how to build a simple marketing machine to bring…
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How To Maximise The Returns On Your Marketing [Video]

Are you ever frustrated about not getting the results that you want from your marketing? Would you like to cost effectively grow your business and get more customers? Start my understanding your acquisition cost. It will help you set a marketing budget plus maximise the returns on your marketing efforts. Check out this week's video…
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How To Become A Marketing Genius [Video]

Have you ever felt you have wasted money on your marketing? Stop trying to figure it all out yourself because the market is already telling you… you just need to listen. By focusing on these 2 key things you’ll get the most out of your marketing dollar and maximise returns. Check them out in this…
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Is this the Greatest Marketing Strategy of All Time? [Video]

How would you like a marketing strategy that you only paid for if you got a new client? This strategy can be used by any business and if you are looking for more customers then you should definitely look at using it. It is called a host – beneficiary and in this weeks video I…
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Why Discounting Is Bad For Your Business [Video]

Too many businesses try to win business based on price. Offering discounts is a bad idea for your business. In this video learn why and what you could offer instead to give more value to customers. Check out: 00:09 - Why businesses offer discounts 00:23 - The problem with discounting 02:04 - Add value instead…
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How to Double Your Business in the Next 12 Months [Video]

Regularly asking for referrals can double your business in 12 months. The key is to consistently generating referrals is to implementing several different ways of asking. In this week’s video, Rueben shares with you tips on asking for referrals from your current customers. Here are the pointers: 00:12 - Are you getting enough word of…
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How To Turn Your Customers Into Your Best Salespeople [Video]

Many businesses get word of mouth. What if you could accelerate this and turn your customers into best salespeople. In this week’s video I share the ladder of loyalty outlining the steps you need to take to turn your customers into raving fans. This episode's pointers: 00:10 - How to start engaging people 00:36 - Suspect…
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How To Reactivate Past Customers [Video]

Bringing back your past customers is as important as finding new ones. Reactivating your customers can push growth and additional income in your business. Learn  more: 00:10 – Are you too focused on new customers? 00:21 - Your hidden goldmine 00:38 - A simple strategy for more profit 01:50 – How to bring customers back…
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4-Step Formula For Marketing Success [Video]

Have you ever been disappointed with the response to your marketing? If your answer is yes, then it’s probably time to overhaul your marketing and use this 4-step formula to immediately improve your results. In this video: 00:12 – It’s time to overhaul your marketing 01:02 - Attention – What’s in it for them? 02:34…
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How To Have An Unlimited Marketing Budget [Video]

Have you ever been unsure on how much money to put towards marketing your business? Learn how these 2 concepts can help you become more confident about spending money on your marketing programs. What's in it for you: 00:08 - Is your marketing reactive? 00:37 - The cost to buy a customer 01:47 - Understanding…
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Optimising Your Landing Pages

Guest article by James Mawhinney of PositionMEonline Considerable time should be spent on landing pages to ensure that you’re getting maximum ROI. Otherwise, you could be wasting marketing resources. Past studies on cognition and emotion to marketing stimuli have given way to neuromarketing. While it sounds quite advanced, it isn’t that complex – and the…
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Grow Your ‘Likes’ with a Facebook Contest

Guest article by James Mawhinney of PositionMEonline If you are frustrated by the slow growth of fans to your Facebook Page, a promoted contest or competition can help. Facebook contests are a powerful way to obtain: More ‘Likes’ on Facebook A larger audience to see your posts More engagement from your existing fans Facebook has…
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