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How To Automate Wealth Creation In Your Business

How To Automate Wealth Creation In Your Business

Think about how often you focus on creating wealth for your business… Chances are it isn’t that often. Most business owners get caught up in the day to day running of the business, they're working hard, they're focusing on the next customer, they’re wearing multiple hats, dealing with marketing, dealing with their team and dealing with customers. Because of this, wealth creation gets parked on the side, put on the corner and forgotten about.

I am a big believer that in life success leaves clues. Some of the principles that will have us be successful in business and in life, have been around for many, many, many generations. One of the key principles that I learned very early in life and the key one that not many people apply is to "Pay yourself first".  

What does this mean in business? As a business owner, when do you pay yourself? Often in business what happens is the business owner is the last person to be paid. They pay the suppliers, they pay their wages, they pay all their bills and if there's any leftover, well then they'll pay themselves. They're actually paying themselves last. They’re like the dog sitting on the table waiting for the scraps. Does that set up a good feeling for the owner? No. It's frustrating as a business owner.

Change things around. Make sure you are the first person to be paid in your business. Firstly, it sets you up to play a bigger game in business, but is also the start of that wealth creation journey. A key part of paying yourself first is to make sure it's consistent. Some business owners use their business like an ATM, they’ll just pull money out when they need it, this is a very ineffective way to run a business. Make sure you have regular and consistent money coming out of the business to you. Pay yourself a wage or if it's drawings, just make sure it's a regular amount that's coming out.

Paying yourself first is the first step to wealth creating from your business, the second part is all about what you actually do with that money… Most business owners just spend their money - it's all just disappears on day-to-day expenses and the occasional splurge on something. To create wealth, you need to take part of that money (a minimum of 10 percent) and put that aside into an investment account. It will start growing for you, something you can start building wealth with.

The important principle is that you take part of everything that you earn and make a portion of it work for you. When you do this, you are no longer the person working for money - your money starts working for you, your money starts making more money. Start with 10 percent and then increase that over time.

I’ve got it to around 30 percent now and just keep increasing it and increasing it. If you could just increase your 10 percent by 10 percent each quarter or each year - you will start to increase the amount you are paying yourself and your wealth creation happens automatically.

The key thing is that it has to be set up so that this happens automatically. Set up an auto-deduction for your wage, then an automatic deduction into your investment account or your wealth creation account (whatever you want to call it) so it starts happening without you needing to take any actions.

You can get back in your business and start focusing on what you are great at - growing the business, building the business, knowing that this wealth machine is automatically ticking over in the background.
Start paying yourself first in your business and make sure you putting at least 10 percent into that wealth creation account.

If you need help with this process you might want to consider getting in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively you can come along to one of my business workshops and seminars.

Set Your Environment Up For Success

Set Your Environment Up For Success

In one of my previous videos I use an analogy that people are like icebergs. Above the water we can see their actions and decisions and ultimately their result but underneath the waterline juts like an iceberg there's all these other stuff going on: beliefs, values, identity, skills all these different things that are happening.

But one area that I didn’t touch on in that video was the environment. Our environment is having a major impact on what results we are getting in our business.

Think about your environment for a moment. There are two areas that make up your environment

  1. The people you hanging around
  2. Your physical space.

Think about the people you hang around. You have probably heard that saying that your income is usually the average of the people the three people you hang around the most… If that is true… who have you been hanging around?

If you want to become a millionaire - start hanging around millionaires. The conversations they'll have, the questions they'll ask, the things that they'll do, etc...

Who are the types of people you are hanging around right now? Are they actually supporting you or do they have some negative influences on you? Are there people in your life that actually pulling you back, or people who are likely to hold you back, or stop you from getting to where you want to go.

For me there were certain people I went to school with that held me back, but I don’t really associate with them much anymore. The people hanging around me now are very different. One of the reasons why we run our planning days and workshops is to get business owners to gather in a really positive success community. This create an environment to accelerate their business success.
Let's have a look at the second part of environment - that's your physical space. This is everything from your office or your physical work space, your factory floor or whatever that might be. How clean is it? How tidy is it? How structured is it? Is it actually a productive environment for you to work in?

I remember in my own life, I use to have this messy desk with papers everywhere, I would literally walk in to my office and have instant overwhelm. I would think "Oh my God, there’s all this stuff to do." But the reality is, my environment was actually influencing who I was being. They say you can know a lot about a business owner by their car, their bathroom, and their business. They all have a lot in common. I remember sharing this with a business owner and he said "Rueben, that's not true, I've got a cleaner. Everything's great." I said "Yeah, I bet the same thing happens in your business. You're creating a mess, and other people are cleaning up after you.” He took it on and realized it was the case.

What is happening in your environment? What about your home environment… Does it inspire you? Are you living in your ideal house? Have you got any unfinished projects or things that are sitting around that you look at and you think 'ugh' and you get that negative vibe or frustration. Is your home environment cluttered?

You want to set your home and work environments up as inspiring and energizing places that are going to bring out the best in you. The more we can shape our environment, it's going to shape who we become.

Start surrounding yourself for the right type of people. Make changes to your physical environment so it’s inspiring and maximises your productivity to get the most out each day.

If you need help with this process you might want to consider getting in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively you can come along to one of my business workshops and seminars.

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