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How to prepare your business for the festive season

How to Prepare Your Business for the Festive Season The festive season is almost here and whilst your employees may be excited for the public holidays, end of year party or annual leave, are you as an employer ready? There is no shortage of concerns for employers leading up to, and during, the festive season which…
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7 Keys To Effective Delegation

7 Keys To Effective Delegation

Would you like to have your team follow your instructions better? Delegation is the key, but many business owners are not effective at delegation, what they do instead is abdicate. They stay out of the loop and simply give instructions and say "Hey, Go do this." or "Go, work on this project" etc... It's very loose, it's left very open ended and then there's no surprise that when the results come back, it's not what they expected.

I'm going to share the keys to delegating effectively that I learnt one of my mentors Keith Cunningham. The more you can train yourself to become effective at delegating - the more you get results through people and through others. In fact, I know when I started hiring virtual assistants, my delegation skills became super refined because you're forced to. You’re communicating in email, you’re communicating sometimes where English may not even be their first language.

Keys to Delegation:

  1. Be very clear on the result or outcome. If the desired result you ask for is wishy washy, then you’re going to get a wishy washy response back. So be very clear on the outcome you want.
  2. Delegate to someone of competence.Sometimes your delegating is not working out because the person actually needs training - they’re not actually effective - they don’t actually know how to do what you want them to do. You might be very clear on explaining the result but they just don't have the skills to do it. Sometimes you need to focus on the training instead or delegate to someone else.
  3. Setup very clear rules of the game.- What are some clear rules around what you are delegating? These rules can be what can or cannot be done, what's allowable or unallowable in terms of boundaries or rules or policies or things that can be adhered to.
  4. Be clear about what resources are available. Sometimes I've seen in business where team members will try to re-invent the wheel. They’re figuring out new ways to do things when a template already exists. Make sure if there's any resources available that the person you are delegating to knows about them.
  5. Have a time frame. Make sure there's a very clear time frame for when you want things to have happen by. “Can you do this?” is very different to “Can you do this by close of business Friday?” – Let people know what your expectations are around when it needs to be done by.
  6. Have them repeat back what you've said. Often team members will say "Yeah, yeah, I got it", but maybe they haven't. If you ask them to articulate it back to you then it gives you confidence that you have been understood.
  7. Explain or to define consequences. Sometimes there are going to be natural consequences if something doesn't happen. There might be an impact, we could lose a customer or a job might be late. Other times you may need to set a consequence. “You're not going home until it's done.” You've got a clear boundary or something's not done by a certain time then might be a fine or something that happens as part of it. Define a consequence with it.

Which of those seven keys do you need to focus on to become more effective at delegation? Focus on that.

If you need help with this process you might want to consider getting in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively you can come along to one of my business workshops and seminars.

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