The Quickest Way To Fix Recurring Business Problems That You’re Probably Not Using…

The Quickest Way To Fix Recurring Business Problems That You’re Probably Not Using…

Take a moment and consider what happens in your business when something goes wrong. When a mistake or problem arises - do people get blamed? Do people make excuses? Or does the problem actually get addressed? Or is it just swept under the carpet until it rears its ugly head again in the future.

A key business principle to stop problems from recurring is to always look for a solution in the form of a system. The first time when something goes wrong, you want to ask "Do we have a system that would actually stop this from happening?" And if the answer is no then create one. Create a checklist, create a template, etc. Create some form of system that’s actually going to enable people to follow it which will avoid the problem from occurring in the first place.

If you already have a system in place and the problem is occurring, you want to ask the next question which is "Is the system current?" Systems become outdated and are no longer relevant or the system was just a few bullet points to start with and we need to have a bit more depth behind it - that might be the next step.

If the system is current and up to date and the problem is occurring then the next question to ask is "Has the person responsible for that system been trained?" and if your answer is "No” then you need to retrain them. You could then also introduce more training in the system or some refreshers of the system.

If all that is current and the person in trained and the system is current and there are still mistakes happening and problems in there, then we've actually got a people problem.

Notice how the people question is last. Most people go first to blaming a person or making it someone else's fault. Whereas, the person solution should always be the last one. Let's get the systems in place first then let's make sure that they're working and then if they are not working out that's when we look at replacing in the person.

Where are some systems you could put in place to make a big difference to some of the problems that keep coming up in your business. Don't just put a band aid on them and hope they don’t come back again. Make sure you put a system in place that's going to work, train the person responsible and then watch those problems disappear.

I’m hoping this article is a perfect example of a deposit, I’m providing value to you, helping you out without asking for anything in return. If you need assistance in this area consider getting in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively you can come along to one of my business workshops and seminars.

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